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Important Update to AutoComLink

The Mitchell interface programming is unfortunately a little different. It is not as obvious to the user what it is doing (in the background). In the past we have found users will sometimes kill the ACLCM1.EXE process thinking it has locked-up when it is actually downloading and installing the update (which can take several minutes but unbeknownst to the user). If the process is killed during the update process, the user is left with a partial install which will not work.

Important note regarding Mitchell: After an update the user will need to go into Vendor Setup, choose the vendor(s) ACL is used to connect, and click the Setup Link button and then Save (the serial number should be shown).
This only needs to be done once for each vendor.

Windows 10 users must also install Microsoft’s MSXML programming which can be found here: MSXML 4.0

If a user runs into any issues with the update, please follow the instructions below to manually install the updated programming:

  1. Close the Link program (if open) and any software that may use it (Mitchell for example).
  2. If possible, disable any antivirus software before installation (the process varies depending on the antivirus software).
  3. Go to and click on the ‘Download’ link. Note: Internet Explorer will give you the option to run the program where Chrome and Firefox requires you to download the program first (usually to the Downloads directory).
  4. If you are informed that the publisher cannot be verified, please continue to run the program anyway. If your User Access Control asks you if you want to allow so say YES.
  5. Click OK through all the screens and Finish at the end.
  6. Next, test the ACL program (even if only used in Mitchell). Open the Link icon on the desktop.
  7. Press F1 and perform a catalog lookup. If you get good results, skip to Step 9.
  8. If you do not see available quantities and net cost, look at the bottom of the box and be sure the Auto Price and Availability box is checked. If not, check it and click Check Now.
  9. If good results are returned, close the Link program and try it in Mitchell (if using that program).

If in doubt, try rebooting your PC (then re-run the installer if necessary). Also try right-clicking the installer and “Run as Administrator”.
If after you try a manual installation and you still have problems, please call AutoComLink Support at 888-225-2580 for further assistance.